Next Course:  Durbanville, Cape Town | May 2016 |  R1450 | Purple


The Purple Course 

…is our five-session foundation photography course for anyone wanting to really get into photography – there are no requirements as far as type of camera, previous experience or prior knowledge goes.   It includes a Saturday practical shoot between weeks 2 and 3, as well as a mini-exhibition in the final evening session.  We have done over 50 of these interactive courses over the last few years!  


The Silver Course 

…involves a night away – last time it took place in Simonstown, Cape Town.  It is aimed at enthusiasts who shoot on DSLR cameras and have a fairly good grounding in photography (ie they have done some kind of photography course in the past or have at least been using a camera for some time). This is an intense intermediate photography course with an emphasis on practical assignments and individual growth. 


The Lime Course 

…will be a photography course for children and teens. With a very practical focus, this course aims to equip children with all the foundational elements of photography and inspire them to develop it further as a hobby and passion.  It will be run during the school holidays –  a great way to keep your children busy and entertained with something healthy and exciting!


Next Course:  Durbanville, Cape Town | May 2016 |  R1450 | Purple